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Responsive user interface design, application development, video CMS integration, video player configuration, radio player configuration, testing & support.

July 5, 2018

  • Boom Labs Online Television Application Development

The online television application ‘MyKlik’ was re-developed, in 2018, for audiences viewing on mobile and web applications or televisions via Chromecast and AirPlay. The MyKlik cloud TV platform features content from 30 television and radio stations and is available in live and on-demand formats. The video and radio content is optimised for international audiences therefore the video players support closed captions and sub-titles. Glue Media Publishing System manages the television and radio content and as a result provides a seamless workflow. Automated cloud TV and radio media publishing from the broadcast head-end to the consumer applications results in significant time savings for the production teams.

All content is managed from a single media platform so there is a reduction in publishing times to all applications.

The project was implemented successfully in less than two months. The new applications resulted in an increase in active users and the average view time of the video and radio.

Services included video player configuration, radio player configuration, api integration, application design, development, testing and deployment.

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